Impact the health of millions. Join our live RFP design competition.


The panel includes behavior design experts like Dr. BJ Fogg, Rock Health’s creative director Leslie Ziegler, and UI/UX rockstars Ryan Panchadsaram and Maria Ly, who are building some of the most exciting and successful health 2.0 applications today. Other judges include expert health clinicians, technologists, and end users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFP Live Design?

RFP Live Design is a first-ever design challenge hosted by Aetna, Inc. in collaboration with Rock Health. It is a 3-day event in San Francisco for design firms and freelance designers who specialize in user experience design. RFP Live Design is Aetna’s way of attracting and compensating top design talent who contribute to cutting edge healthcare solutions.

How can I participate in RFP Live Design?

The challenge event for design firms will be held Thursday, December 1st and Friday, December 2nd from 8AM - 5PM at The Box SF. This event is by invite only. The independent designer challenge event will take place Saturday, December 3rd 8AM - 7PM at the Healthline offices. Designers interested in participating must complete an application form on our website. Breakfast and lunch with be served during all three challenge days.